Tina Tuner was a rare and wonderful talent. Really good writing.

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I'm sitting in a restaurant in Salt Lake City, waiting for my flight to Denver where I'll attend my second healing meditation retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza. In the middle of a bite of my avocado toast, Tina Turner's song,

"What's Love Got to do With It" came on the overhead speaker. May have been my imagination, but it seemed the sound got cranked up a bit. I had to stop eating. Had to listen. Nearly started to cry. I have crossed many roads with Tina. Like her, I used Buddhism (we practiced the same sect) to overcome an abusive life, to grow into a kinder, loving human being. I danced to her music, I went to her concerts, I watched her movies, I read one of her books.

Ah, Rollin is playing now. Whew. .

I admire your reflections of her. I admire how you touched me today. Tina was certainly someone to love.

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Beautifully written

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